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Radik Tyulyush & Tanya Tagaq (Nacreous)

“Oskus Urug” Performed by Radik Tylyush, Arranged by Mapa

The Nomad’s Blog for Nomads / Radik Tyulyush

Radik Tyulyush is an outstanding musician from The Republic of Tyva. He was born in Solchur, Övür province of Tuva, on the border with Mongolia.

Already in his late school years and with schoolmates, Radik’s started a pop rock band YER. It became extremely popular in Tuva in 1993. Later there were a five-years long break, and YER returned to the stage in 2009. Radik says: “I write songs and arrange them for YER. The band attracts me with the possibility to share my own vision of the contemporary music.”

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Radik Tyulyush on SVOIO RADIO by Semion Chaika ( Moscow – Chalama Project ) Live

Radik Tyulyush – The Spirit Of Tengri 2015

Radik Tyulyush – The Spirit Of Tengri 2015

Radik Tyulyush – The Spirit Of Tengri 2015

Radik Tyulyush Concert at The Spirit Of Tengri


Radik Tyulyush & Yuliyana Krivoshapkina ( My Heart )


March 4th, 13:00pm Workshop
March 5th 19:00pm Hive, live jam with Tanya Tagaq
March 6th 20:00pm Showcase Performance
March 7th 20:00pm Showcase Performance

Two master throat singers highlight the similarities between their culturally distinct singing traditions. Radik Tyulyush, who hails from Tuva on the border of Mongolia, opens the program. Inuit throat singer and Polaris prizewinner Tanya Tagaq concludes with live accompaniment for a screening of the historically important — but highly controversial — silent film Nanook of the North (1922), directed by Robert Flaherty. Be prepared for spellbinding performances and the rare opportunity to experience two indigenous contemporary throat singers in a single venue!


Radik Tyulyush-Demir khomus ( jew’s harp jaw harp, mouth harp – guimbarde )

Saryglarlar-Huun-Huur-Tu at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California

Radik Tyulyush-Diaghilev Festival – Perm/Russia, 20June,2014

Diaghilev Festival - Perm/Russia

Diaghilev Festival – Perm/Russia


Radik Tyulyush-Diaghilev Festival – Perm/Russia, 20June,2014

Radik Tyulyush-Diaghilev Festival – Perm/Russia, 20June,2014

Radik Tyulyush – Steppe-Scape on Perm TV, Russia