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What is the role of traditional clothing?

What is the role of traditional clothing?
For outerwear, the Tuvan ton, a robe-like garment made of silk, was traditionally considered to be the most practical and functional. Silk is a very strong and durable material. The tradition of making tons from silk goes back centuries. Belts were usually made of either leather or silk. Silk belts are 5-6 meter-long strips of silk that are wrapped around the waist of ton several times. The method of tying a silk belt helps to prevent injury because it offers additional support when riding on horseback. A similar method is still used to protect the spines of post-operative patients in neurosurgical departments of hospital, but they use a cotton sheet instead of a departments of hospital, but they use a cotton sheet instead of a silk belt. Historically, nomads used a very strong, non-stretchable fabric as a belt or corset. Men most often used red silk, but with the penetration of Buddhism into Tuva, the belt gradually started to “yellow”
Snug-fitting ( but not too tight ) clothing will allow one to work comfortably, to be able concentrate on oneself, and to be able to breathe calmly and in a relaxed fashion using the pectoral muscles. You can see this among most of the professional khöömei masters-Sergei Ondar, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Igor Köshkendei, Andrei Mongush, Möngün-ool Ondar, Aldyn-ool Sevek, and others. When they are performing khöömei they close their eyes and joyfully immerse themselves in a creative state of inspiration as their innate natural energy awakens.
Consequently, the ethical value of ethnic music does not depend on the musician’s clothing, but rather on this moral make-up. Do not try to dazzle your listeners with the brilliance of your clothing. Good taste is like a good ear for music-you either have it or you don’t. You must respect your audience and show this respect both through your behavior and your dress. Learn how to smile, how to greet people. You have free will; learn how to use it to to change your surroundings. As a creative person you should be confident in your abilities. And you should strive to achieve your goals.
To reach the consciousness of your listener with your performance, you must be able to express the best side of your individuality. Learn to serve the art; do not try to make the art serve your own worldly purposes.
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