RADİK TYULYUSH CONCERT in MOSCOW / 12th OCTOBER ( 12 Ekim Moskova konseri)

12.10.2014 on Sunday at 8:00pm

CHALAMA PROJECT : Chalama is the title of the second Radik’s solo album. Chalama means colourful tapes tied to the tree’s branches in a sacred place “Ovaa” in Tuva. For tuvan people Chalama is praying, offering, tribute to the nature and ancestors. Album Chalama is musician’s offering to the world cultural Tree, his own contribution to the legacy of the world music. Such project of the same name like Chalama is the tandem of three professional musicians: Radik, Gennadyi Sergei who has their own musical experience, own views on music and that’s why the project becomes interesting and alluring. Radik Tyulyush – vocals, throat singing, igil, doshpuluur, shoor, khomus; Sergei Kalachev – fretless bass; Gennadyi Lavrentiev – violin, tambourine, tabla tarang take part in this project.

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