Radik Tyulyush

On this pictures Radik Tyulyush plays traditional tuvan stringed instrument. It's name Igil.

Singer, composer, Master Of Traditional Tuvan Throat Sİnging Member of Huun HuurTu

Tuvan singer and musician Radik Tyulyush began his career with the rock (“UER”, from 1993 – present, “Yat-kha”, 2000-2004) but craving for ethnic roots and traditions prevailed and in 2005 together with Carole Pegg in England (University of Cambridge) Radik recorded his debut album “Tuva: Spirits of my Land”, after which he was invited by the world-renowned group “Huun-Huur-Tu” and works with this group so far.
New stage in Radik’s career will be solo album “Chalama” which will be released in late 2012- beginning 2013. “Chalama” – colored ribbons that tie up the branches of the tree in a sacred place called “ovaa” as a sign of reverence for the universe, the grandeur, beauty, wisdom, nature – everything that we are happy to behold around us. Music written by Radik – like ribbons in the branches of the World Tree of Music and Harmony.

Album “Chalama” include Radik’s own compositions and traditional Tuvan songs arranged by him.

Listen and Download here: http://chalama.kroogi.com/en/download/2831022-Chalama.html

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